We at INUSUSA, believe in serving our customer in every step of their way. Providing one of the largest collections of tiles, granites, marbles, quartz, and other stone, has also enabled us to find ways to help our customers to maximum benefit from our products.

Through our several years of commercial experience, professional services surrounding tiles and granites play a vital role in project completion and customer satisfaction. Hence, we soon launched our very own range of professional services.

Our Services Include


We provide fabrication services for all our products from all our various different locations. We understand what the customer requires and our experience has helped us to perfect our services over time. From cutting, sizing, polishing, to curing, we perform all the different processes in fabrication using tools that are state of the art technology. We show samples to our customers to the various different finishes we provide so you get what you need exactly as you have visualized it.


Installation is considered in fact the most important aspect of the tiles and granites industry because there’s so much that rides on it. This is process where you just cannot afford to make any mistakes. There are no such things as a minor mistake in installation of tiles as any mistakes would be incredibly expensive. This is why we take special care for making the installation process. We believe that you should entrust installation into the hands of the experts at INUSUSA.


At INUSUSA, we pay close attention to the needs of the customer and all our products are made to reduce maintenance or be maintenance free. Sometimes maintenance does make a difference. When maintenance is done right, it increases the longevity of the tiles and makes it look forever new. In order for you to truly enjoy the quality of our tiles, we at INUSUSA provide maintenance services at really affordable costs.

Demolition and Redesign:

If you are giving your house a makeover or need a specific location to be redesigned, then there’s a right way to do it. We you take INUSUSA’s demolition and redesign services, we undertake demolitions that are fast and yet safe for the structural integrity of your home. It is a niche job and only the professionals will be able to accomplish it.

We also provide free initial consultation, and free quotation to enhance your experience of doing business with us. Call us now to learn more.