Consultants with right the knowledge, certification, and expertise can make a great difference to your business and your homes. Stone and Tile Consultants at INUSUSA offer a wide range of services and could be used in your businesses at various different purposes.

The Services of our consultants broadly fall under the categories given below.

1. Forensic Testing:

INUSUSA’s consultants specialize in several methods of forensic testing and some of the most common ones include construction of high risk applications. They include Swimming pool lamination failures, dome tile failures, bathroom tile failures, sauna room tile failures, Steam room tile failures, exterior veneer tile lamination failures, exterior tile and stone failures for balconies, gazeboes, and more. Our inspection services are for all the different materials commonly available in the industry and even many more.

2. Quality Control Services:

Quality Control consultants at INUSUSA will help you in preserving quality at every step of your construction and usage of tiles. We ensure quality right the time the materials are sourced, manufactured, cured, packed, transported, and installed. With our consultants monitoring the activity, you can be assured that international standards of quality have always been maintained throughout the entire process.

3. Business Planning and Marketing Services:

With over a decade of experience in the industry, we at INUSUSA understand how the dynamics of this industry works. We now help other beginners in the industry to establish themselves better and thrive. We can help you by giving the right direction to your business while also facilitating decision making within your company.

In Marketing, it is a known fact that INUSUSA has become a market leader wherever we go. Be it USA, India, Mexico, China, or Philippines, our marketing strategies have helped to crave a separate position for us in the market. This is not to say that we haven’t faced failures. But we have learnt from it. Now our consulting services are helping business like you to avoid the mistakes that we made and ensure success.