Commitment to quality is one of the major contributing factors to the growth of INUSUSA as a brand at several locations around the world. At INUSUSA, we try not just to stick to acceptable standards of quality but to surpass them and establish our own benchmark the international standard in quality in tile and stone works.

We at INUSUSA establish quality standards at every step of our interaction with you because our products become ambassadors to our quality in your homes and businesses. Here are the different areas we divulge specific focus to quality.


One of the ways we provide for the precise and custom requirements of our customers is by using world-class technology in our fabrication process. Form tiles, to granites, and marbles, we use equipment made from latest technology to ensure flawless finish and a great look. The work we do with fabrication has earned us a unique reputation among our customers.


We at INUSUSA give a great deal of importance in providing to the exact requirement our customers make with us. We go to great lengths in doing so and literally to all the corners of the world in getting the perfect materials according to our customers’ choices. Right from the source till it reaches your living spaces and working spaces, we ensure quality of the materials used at every step.

Catering to Specific Needs:

This is one way we ensure that we possess high standards of quality not just in the products we sell but also the services we offer. We ensure that every requirement of our customer is met according to their wishes.

We understand that your homes and your businesses are built out of years of hard work and well preserved dreams. We will help you realize that dream to the best of our ability by providing custom products specific to your needs.