It is quite surprising to know that our kitchens have transformed along with our culture and the times. Kitchen is one of the most important places in any house and kitchens have specific needs. Some statistics show the your kitchen tiles and flooring takes about 5 times as much wear and tear as your living rooms. The great thing about kitchens is that not all kitchens are the same. Every person has their own taste in food and the same goes for how your kitchen looks as well.

Many women consider that the kitchen is a showcase of the social status of a house. How elegant and attractive your kitchen is shows how high up you are in the social ladder. For those who are socially conscious, you would like to spend time and money on kitchens.

INUSUSA’s products are not just for a specific demographic of people, but for all. We make elegant and attractive kitchens possible for everyone. Here are some of the features of our Kitchen tiles and stones.

  1. The right placement:

You kitchen is divided into several different sections and each of it has its own purpose. Choosing the right tiles for the respective area would make your cooking experience in your kitchen a memorable one. At INUSUSA, we have specific categories for each area of your kitchen including, Countertops, hobs, backsplashes, walls, and flooring. You can choose from our extensive collection to bring your imagination to life.

  1. Insulation:

This is a feature that is more often than not overlooked. You kitchen generates a lot of heat and this could have a direct impact on your electricity bills. At INUSUSA, the kitchen tiles we provide are specifically created to provide insulation and reduce your power bills.

  1. Durable Flooring:

This is an absolute necessity when it comes to kitchens. There’s so much that goes on in the kitchen from spills to cleaning, and pets. This takes its toll on the kitchen floor and hence needs to be highly sturdy and durable. Kitchen flooring tiles we provide are also offer grip as we know kitchen floors can get very slippery.

  1. Easy Maintenance and Cost Effectiveness:

All kitchen tiles from INUSUSA are made from top quality material and special steps are taken to keep our products maintenance free or minimum maintenance.

Our products are also diversified across a wide range of budgets and pricing with many options in each. This is intended to help our customers find everything they are looking for at their specific price range.

Kitchen Tiles