Most people are not aware of the amount of time an average human being spends in the bathroom. Many studies have found that having a aesthetically pleasing bathroom will improve your standards of hygiene while reducing your stress levels. With the right attention and planning, you could easily turn your bathroom into a place where you kick back and refresh yourself every day.

INUSUSA provides exhaustive range of bathroom tiles, granites, and marbles that would help your create a bathroom of your imaginations. Through our extensive experience in providing tiles for bathrooms, we have understood the science behind it and so we have specific tiles for specific purposes.

The theme

You can choose the theme of your bathroom with the tile that impresses you the most. At INUSUSA, we an amazing selection of theme tiles for you to choose from. This simplifies your task of giving your bathroom a color and texture theme.

The combinations

Many interior designers claim that you should use no more than 3 different tiles for your bathrooms. More than that might make it distractive and clumsy. So we have decided to give you the maximum number of options for you to choose from for your specific combination. Professionals INUSUSA would be glad to help you to choose the right combination and theme and make decision making easier for you.

Show stoppers

Some people prefer to give their bathrooms a focal point. This may give a psychological effect of not being so mundane. INUSUSA specifically has several show stopper tiles which could be used for this specific purpose. It could be single large tile or stonework that has aesthetic appeal or a combination of tiles that create an artistic concept. Once again we have numerous options for you to choose from.

Perfect Sizes

This is something of a specialty with INUSUSA, in fact is it one of our unsaid motto to deliver custom made products for our customers. Changing the sizes of the tiles in your bathroom could have great look while also having practical applications. For example, you can use smaller pieces of tiles on the bathroom flooring to give it extra traction while also increasing the visual appeal.

Low Maintenance

This is a factor that is often overlooked during the purchase of bathroom tiles. INUSUSA’s tiles are always low maintenance for bathrooms. Some might argue that low maintenance tiles would reduce the visual appeal. But we invite you to look through our store to that your low maintenance tile does not compromise on style or looks.

Bathroom Tiles